Find out more about all of BRGM’s work to support policy development. Read our consolidated report on our work in important policy areas and our outstanding achievements.
8 October 2021

BRGM’s policy support work includes all activities on environments and resources undertaken for civil society, operators and decision makers on a regional and national level. This consists in developing tools and approaches, and collecting, processing and providing scientific and technical data to inform and support the development and monitoring of sustainable development policies.

In 2020, BRGM demonstrated its exceptional capacity for adaptation by remaining attuned to the wide range of needs expressed by all our public-sector partners, particularly locally and regionally, and putting more resources than the previous year into activities that support policy development.

Key actions

  • Prepare for future developments, especially in the area of digital technologies, to address current societal challenges.
  • Propose integrated solutions to support the needs of local and regional government.
  • Integrate local and regional strategies in our science strategy.

2020 policy support report