BRGM undertakes joint research with partners in industrial sectors and with businesses of every size. It promotes its innovations and ensures they are transferred into the business world.
Mount Weld rare earth mine, Australia

Mount Weld rare earth mine (Australia, 2014). 

© BRGM - Johann Tuduri

BRGM, your partner for research, development and innovation 

BRGM, the French Geological Survey, is the French public institution responsible for Earth Science applications. 

It provides innovative solutions for land management, the subsurface, raw materials, water resources and for preventing natural and environmental risks. 

The economic sectors concerned by BRGM's activities include construction, energy, water, mining industries, environment and eco-technologies. 

Research partnerships with businesses: simplicity and flexibility 

To establish a research partnership, whether in collaboration or under contract, companies must contact the BRGM Scientific and Technical Centre in Orléans, or one of our regional divisions. 

The contract or agreement specifies the rules concerning costs, confidentiality and industrial property. Companies can benefit from the French Research Tax Credit scheme (Crédit Impôt Recherche – CIR). 

Once the contract is signed, the company has access to all the human resources and materials required for the project (databases, ICTs, laboratories, pilot facility, etc.), without needing to recruit staff or make large investments. 

The Research Tax Credit scheme (CIR) 

The French Research Tax Credit (CIR) is a tax relief scheme designed to encourage businesses to invest in research and development. The tax relief is calculated on the basis of the company's R&D expenses. 

Who can benefit from the Research Tax Credit scheme (CIR)? 

Industrial, commercial and agricultural enterprises subject to corporate tax or income tax in the "industrial and commercial profits" category can benefit from the Research Tax Credit scheme. 

BRGM, an organisation that is approved for the Research Tax Credit (CIR) scheme 

As a public industrial and commercial institution with the status of a "public research organisation", BRGM is de facto approved for the CIR scheme by the French Ministry of Research. 

BRGM's expertise 

As a research institution that provides support for public policy decisions, BRGM places its expertise and experience at the disposal of civil society to help in decision-making processes. Any French or non-French organisation, be it an institution or legal person under public or private law, may commission BRGM to carry out an expert audit on a given subject.

Binary code background illustration, Hungary

Innovation and the transfer of knowledge and tools to businesses 

BRGM has put in place all the requisite means to promote its innovations as effectively as possible by speeding up the process for taking concepts through to maturity and embracing joint-development with industrial partners.

BRGM, a partner to businesses in France and abroad 

In addition to its head office in Orléans, BRGM has 27 regional offices in mainland France and the French Overseas Territories. Thanks to this regional network, BRGM maintains a close relationship with its local partners. BRGM also works in some thirty different countries on behalf of various customers, including private companies.

BRGM's PRIME platform in Orléans. Submetric platform

BRGM's PRIME platform in Orléans for soil and water decontamination. Submetric platform.

© BRGM - Didier Depoorter

Becoming a BRGM supplier

Would you like to become a BRGM supplier? Technical procurement (analyses, drilling, equipment rental, technical equipment, provision of services in our geosciences-related areas of activity), insurance, buildings and related services, communications and marketing: publications, vehicle fleet, supplies... Our needs are permanent, varied and evolving. Find out more about our procurement policy, our calls for tenders and get referenced by our purchasing team.

Deep geothermal drilling site, Alsace

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