With over 2500 references in our catalogue, our publications branch, BRGM Editions, offers a selection of geological maps, books and popular science material in the geosciences which is unique in France.

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    Volcanic ‘organ pipes’ of Prades, Haute-Loire

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    Exceptional closure of BRGM Publications

    Our services will be exceptionally closed on the following dates:

    • From 29 April to 17 May 2024
    • From 8 to 26 July 2024

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    Geological maps published by BRGM

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    In keeping with its research and expert study missions, the BRGM contributes to the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge among the scientific community, professionals, planners and the general public. 
    BRGM Editions 2024 catalogue.

    BRGM Editions 2024 catalogue.

    © BRGM

    BRGM Editions catalogue 

    Geological maps, introduction to Earth sciences, discovery of geological heritage, scientific and general public works, Geosciences journal... find all our products in our catalogue. 

    Books and popular science 

    The BRGM's publications include both technical and popular science publications (guidebooks, coffee-table books, comic books) as well as popular science materials such as posters and games. 

    Ranging widely across topics and geographical areas, our catalogue caters for every kind of readership, from the general public, professionals and teachers to members of the scientific community.

    Cover and extract of Issue 27 of the Géosciences journal.

    Cover and extract of Issue 27 of the Géosciences journal.

    © BRGM

    Geosciences, the BRGM's journal for a sustainable Earth 

    The BRGM's Geosciences magazine investigates the many contributions of the geosciences to our society and economy. Geosciences is written for an informed but not exclusively scientific readership. Geosciences, a six-monthly magazine, addresses different research aspects and their applications to support the development of public policies, in France, in Europe and internationally. The editorial content deals with major issues involving the geosciences, such as water, natural risks, urban geology, geology and health, the human environment and the natural heritage, mineral resources, polluted soils and waste, and climate change.

    Geological maps: decision-making tools and teaching aids for geoscience training. 

    Geological maps are essential sources of information for professionals, teachers, students and interested members of the public. They are aids to decision-making for spatial planning, mineral prospecting, groundwater prospecting and protection, pollution control, natural risk prevention and the characterisation of local areas. 

    The BRGM's range of geological maps is unique in France. Our geological map collection, which started in 1925 and has been continually updated since then, includes more than 1100 titles. In pride of place in our collection is the 1/1 000 000 geological map of France, now in its 6th revised edition. We also produce regional maps to the scale of 1/250 000, giving an overview of large geological complexes and major structures. More detailed maps are also available at a scale of 1/50 000.

    The Ray-Pic waterfall, Ardèche

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    A karstic spring, Pahalgam

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