BRGM Editions publishes a unique selection of geological maps and scientific publications, as well as resources accessible to the general public to enable them to discover Earth sciences.
17 October 2023
BRGM Editions 2024 catalogue.

BRGM Editions 2024 catalogue.


Explore the Earth with BRGM's publications

Take a trip through time and the history of the Earth... With a view to sharing knowledge, Éditions du BRGM, the publishing branch of the French Geological Survey, takes you on a fabulous journey of discovery.

BRGM's core mission is to study mineral resources, groundwater, natural hazards, energy, etc. Its publications are a benchmark in every area of the earth sciences.

They include geological maps, an introduction to Earth sciences, understanding geological heritage, books for the scientific community or the general public, the Géosciences magazine, and more. Discover the complete range of publications in our 2024 catalogue. Covering a wide variety of topics and geographical areas, our catalogue caters for every kind of readership, from the general public, professionals and teachers to members of the scientific community.

Discover the 2024 BRGM Editions catalogue

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