HRS4R Certification

Since 2019, BRGM has been involved in the European Commission's HRS4R "HR Excellence in Research" certification, which aims to improve recruitment practices and working conditions for researchers in research organisations. The labelling process is currently under way.

The European Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) aims to support research organisations and institutions improving the working conditions and recruitment of researchers. The European Commission’s "HR Excellence in Research" label gives recognition to research institutions involved in this process.

It provides for voluntary compliance with the principles set out in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

Why did BRGM choose to embark on the labeling process?

The HRS4R label is a great opportunity for BRGM to consolidate its human resources strategy for research while developing it and thus to be able to integrate it into the institution's overall policy. Attractiveness is at the heart of our approach. The Action Plan constitutes a real shared roadmap for BRGM's progress and obtaining the label is fully integrated into the requirements set out in the Contract of Objectives and Performance (COP) signed with our supervisory ministries. It will be one of the deliverables for the period in question.

The implementation process

The methodology implemented by the BRGM to obtain the HRS4R label is based on a collective approach.

In order to implement the HRS4R strategy, BRGM has decided to set up a Steering Committee (COPIL) which benefits from strong political support within the Institute and represents different Divisions at political and administrative level. It is composed of the four main decision-making managers (Chairman and CEO ; Scientific Director and Chief Operating Officer; Director of Human Resources; Director of Strategy, Research and Communications) directly concerned by BRGM's scientific process.

In order to have a systemic approach to the HRS4R strategy, but also with the aim of linking actions coherently to the needs for improvement identified for each of the 40 principles, BRGM has set up a single working group.

Gap analysis

The working group collected information from the relevant services by inviting them to meetings and by carrying out interviews. In addition, the presence of researchers, as well as technical managers (Quality, Recruitment and Career, Communication) allowed the comparison of practices known and experienced in different departments by the stakeholders.

In order to carry out the inventory of discrepancies, a survey was launched among a representative panel of BRGM's scientific community to gather their feelings.

Action plan

Several months were devoted to drafting an action plan originating from the Working Group, which was then presented to the Research Committee and validated by the Steering Committee and lastly by the Board on 25 june 2020.

Key dates

  • 18 november 2020 : A letter was issued endorsing the HRS4R strategy at BRGM
  • September/october 2020 : conducting a survey on a panel of scientists
  • February 2020 : Completion of self-assessment and presentation by the steering committee 
  • May 2020 : Completion of action plan
  • 6 may 2020 : Presentation given to the Research Committee
  • 29 may 2020 : Presentation given to the Steering Committee, resulting in a favorable opinion
  • 25 june 2020 : Presentation given to the Board, resulting in a favorable opinion
  • 30 june 2020 : dépôt du dossier de candidature