Find out about BRGM’s governing bodies.

Board of Directors and Programme Directors

Last update : September 2023

Catherine Lagneau
Chair and CEO

Christophe Poinssot
Deputy CEO, Scientific Director

Jean-Marc Trouillard
Secretary - general

Philippe Freyssinet 
Director, research, scientific programming and communication

Marie Belossat
Director, human resources

Catherine Bonin
Director, innovation, business and international activities

Christophe Didier 
Director, georesources

Francis Garrido
Director, water, environment, processes and analytics

Karim Ben Slimane
Director, risks and prevention

Arnaud Garnier
Director, digital for geosciences

Jean-Marc Mompelat
Director, regional network

Natacha Girold
Acting financial director

Last update : June 2023

Knowledge of geological systems
Pierre Nehlig

Imaging and modelling of the subsurface
Philippe Calcagno

Natural risks and resilience of communities
Gilles Grandjean

Management of mining and industrial impacts on land and the subsurface 
Dominique Guyonnet

Digital data, services and infrastructure
Michaël Chelle

Groundwater and global change
Dominique Darmendrail

Mineral resources and the circular economy
Patrick d’Hugues

Subsurface potential for energy transition
Sylvie Gentier

Board of Governors and Committees

Last update : September 2023

Chair of the Board of Governors

Catherine Lagneau

Government Commissioner

Florence Riou

Representing the ministers for:

    • Didier Marquer, Earth Sciences Policy Officer, Georessources and Geotechnologies - Research and Innovation Directorate
    • Deputy: Fatima Laggoun, CNRS Research Director, Orléans Institute of Earth Sciences (ISTO)
    • Anne-Cécile Rigail, Head of the Technological Risks Department
    • Deputy: Jean-Luc Perrin, Deputy Director for Chronic Risks and Coordination (Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Regional Cohesion)
    • Sébastien Bidaud, Deputy Director of Strategic Sectors, Economic Diplomacy Directorate
    • Deputy: Pierre Robion, Head of the Energy Division, Strategic Sectors Sub-Directorate, Economic Diplomacy Directorate (Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs)
    • Natacha Ephimoff, Deputy Director for Higher Education and Research
    • Deputy: Leïla Chabane, Head of Division for Operators and Sector Strategies (Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs)
    • Michel Schmitt, Engineer-general for mines, General Economic Council
    • Deputy: Isabelle Wallard, Engineer-General for Mines, General Economic Council (Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty)
    • Louis Pasquier de Franclieu, Assistant to the Deputy Director of the 3rd Sub-Directorate, Industry and Innovation, Budget Directorate
    • Deputy: Arnaud Wieber, Head of Department for Energy, State Holdings, Industry and Innovation, Budget Directorate (Ministry of Public Accounts)
    • Guglielmina Toro, Assistant Deputy Director for Protection and Management of Water and Mineral Resources, Water and Biodiversity Directorate
    • Deputy: Jean-François Gaillaud, Head of the Sub-Directorate for the Protection and Management of Water and Mineral Resources and Aquatic Ecosystems, Water and Biodiversity Directorate (Ministry of Ecological Transition and Regional Cohesion)

Members selected for their particular expertise:

  • Anne Besnier, Vice-President, Delegate for Higher Education and Research, Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council
  • Sylvie Joussaume, Director of Research at CNRS, Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences, UMR 1572
  • Marc Chaussidon, Director, Paris Institute of Planetary Physics (IPGP)
  • Pierre-Alain Gautier, Director, Corporate Affairs & Partnerships - ERAMET Group

BRGM staff representatives:

  • Marie-Christine Dictor (CFDT)
  • Nicolas Frissant (CFDT)
  • Daniel Raucoules (CFDT)
  • Denis Thiéblemont (CGT)
  • Caroline Prognon (CFE/CGC)
  • Pierre Vassal (CFE/CGC)

Economic and financial auditing:

  • Bruno Rossi
  • Jean-Pascal Codine

Last update : January 2023


Vincent Lagneau
Director, Geosciences Centre at the École des Mines (Paris Tech, France)


Bertrand Braunschweig
Director at Inria in charge of coordinating the National Research Programme on Artificial Intelligence (retired)

Philippe Charvis
Director for Science, IRD (Marseille, France)

Agnès Ducharne
Director of Research at CNRS, METIS, Universite Pantheon Sorbonne (Paris, France)

Lara Duro
Managing Director of the Amphos 21 Group (Spain)

Lluís Fontboté
Professor Emeritus of Economic Geology, University of Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland)

Émilia Huret
Deputy Director for R&D at ANDRA (Châtenay-Malabry, France)

Laurent Jolivet
Professor, Sorbonne University, UPMC (Paris, France)

Zoubeida Kebaïli Bargaoui
National School of Engineering, Tunis, University of Tunis El Manar (Tunis, Tunisia)

Patrick Landais
High Commissioner for Atomic Energy and Member of the French Atomic Energy Commission at the CEA (Saclay, France)

Louis Londe
Technical Director of Géostock (Paris, France)

Laurent Montador
Deputy Managing Director of CCR Group (Paris, France)

Valérie November
Research Director at CNRS, affiliated to the LATTS laboratory, École des Ponts, Université Paris-Est (Paris, France)

Judith Sausse
Director of the École nationale supérieure de géologie (Nancy, France)

Hervé Suty
Managing Director of Tergys and CEO of CapBurdi (Blanquefort, France)

Tirza Van Daalen
Director of the Netherlands Geological Survey - TNO (Netherlands)

Olivier Vidal
Research Director at CNRS/ISTerre (Grenoble, France)

Last update : January 2023


Jean Lamy, Former Ambassador


Pierre Robion, Head of the Energy Division, Strategic Sectors sub-Directorate, Economic Diplomacy Directorate - Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

Özlem Adiyaman Lopes, UNESCO

Theresa Ponce de Leão, Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (LNEG), Portuguese Geological Survey

Denis Favier, Safety Director - TotalEnergies Group

Rémi Pelon, Senior Mining Specialist - World Bank

Céline Adrien, Director of the EuroGeoSurveys (EGS) Secretariat

Louis Maréchal, Head of the Minerals and Mining Sector - OECD

Vanessa Salas-Pouget, Head of the Energy Unit - (Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs)

Rokhaya Samba Diene, Director of Exploration and Promotion of Mining at the Ministry of Mines and Geology of Senegal, and President of the African Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO)

Yadh Zahar, Professor of Higher Education at the Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie (EPT) and Director of the VDEC Laboratory (Sustainable Cities and Built Environment)

Jean Launay, President of the French Water Partnership (PFE)
or Marie-Laure Vercambre, Director General of the PFE

Frédéric Maurel, Deputy Head of the Water and Sanitation Division - AFD

Didier Marquer, Policy Officer for Earth Sciences, Georesources and Geotechnologies, Research and Innovation Directorate (Ministry of Higher Education and Research)

Hervé Boisguillaume, Deputy Director of Strategy, Partnerships and General Affairs
or Chahoul Gaffar, Head of Partnerships, Operators, and Projects Office (Ministry of Ecological Transition and Regional Cohesion)

Last update : January 2023

Ministry of economy, finance and industrial and digital sovereignty
By delegation, the Director General of Development, Housing and Nature

Representing the ministry of ecological transitions and regional cohesion
The Director for Water and Biodiversity
The Director-General for Infrastructures, Transport and Mobility
The Director-General for Energy and Climate
The Director-General for Risk Prevention 

Representing the ministry of higher education and research
The Director-General for Research and Innovation

Representing the ministry of agriculture and food sovereigntye
The Deputy Director for Environmental Performance and Regional Development

Representing the ministry of health and hygiene
The Director-General for Health

Representing the ministry of the interior and french overseas territories and departments
The Director-General for Civil Security and Crisis Management
The Director-General for French overseas territories and departments

Representing the ministry of culture
The Director-General for Heritage and Architecture

The chair of the brgm science committee

The chair of BRGM

Last update : January 2023

Jean-Yves Berthou (Inria)
Director of the Inria-Saclay research centre (Palaiseau, France)

Paul-Joël Derian (Groupe Avril)
Group VP Innovation and Sustainable Development - GM (Paris, France)

Annie Geay (Bpifrance)
Innovation Director at OSEO (Maisons-Alfort, France)

Gérard Jacquin (GJ Consulting SAS)
CEO (Vitry-sur-Seine, France)

Laurent Jammes (CNRS)
Director of Industrial Partnerships CNRS-INSU (Paris, France)

Frédéric Jory (SAGEOS)
Managing Director (Orléans, France)

Philippe Portier (Lyon Business School)
Open and Collaborative Innovation Expert (Écully, France)

Thierry Salmona (TGS conseil)
CEO (Paris, France)

Hervé Suty (CapBurdi)
CEO (Bordeaux, France)

Last update : January 2023


Marie-Madeleine Miallot-Muller


Jean-Pascal Codine
Jean-Luc Perrin
Louis Pasquier de Franclieu
Marie-Christine Dictor
Denis Thieblemont
Pierre Vassal

Government commissioner

Florence Riou