BRGM works across the globe towards enduring protection for people and resources.

International cooperation: BRGM, an international leader in the geosciences 

Internationally, as in France, the BRGM provides know-how and expertise in two main areas: 

  • protecting people and their environment against natural risks, 
  • ensuring the permanence and quality of natural water, mineral and (geothermal) energy resources. 

Topic areas 

Each year, the BRGM acts in about 30 countries in the following topic areas: 

  • geological infrastructure: geological mapping, development of information systems, 
  • mineral resources, with a particular focus on the challenging issue of rare metals, 
  • access to water: protection of water resources and prospecting for new resources, sustainable water management methods, 
  • natural risks and preventive action: seismic and coastal risks, planning and reconstruction programmes, 
  • geothermal energy for heat and power production, as well as geological storage of CO2, in the context of responses to climate change. 
Breakdown of BRGM's international operations by country (2022).

Breakdown of BRGM's international operations by country (2022).


Main international BRGM clients 

BRGM works for international development assistance institutions, States and major private-sector operators involved in environment, natural resources and planning. 

It acts in the following areas: 

  • contributions to French cooperation policy; 
  • policy-development support to the EU, the World Bank and other multilateral agencies ; 
  • policy-development support to States; 
  • services to businesses; 
  • participation in the work of international geological bodies.