BRGM conducts audits, monitoring campaigns and studies aimed at providing the State, local authorities, agencies and public institutions with support for their public policy decision-making processes.
    Installing seismic stations to monitor collapses along the Maïdo rampart

    Installing seismic stations to monitor collapses along the Maïdo rampart in the Mafate cirque on La Réunion.

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    BRGM provides support for public policy decisions 

    BRGM's support activities for public policy decision-making cover four types of actions: 

    • Surface and subsurface monitoring: building on and disseminating knowledge; 
    • Methodological studies and synopses to transfer research results to "civil society"; 
    • Independent public audits; 
    • Training and knowledge transfer. 

    These tasks are financed by public service grants from the State or through contracts and agreements with government departments, local authorities, target-oriented agencies and other public bodies, as well as the European Union. 

    A public-policy support programme established by a National Public Services Steering Committee 

    BRGM's public-policy support programme is drawn up on the basis of general guidelines laid down by the National Public Services Steering Committee (CNO), which brings together BRGM's supervisory ministries, as well as ministries responsible for areas in which BRGM operates. The six public-policy support guidelines are based on the institution's scientific strategy and on an "Objectives and Performance Agreement" signed with the government: 

    • Improving knowledge of the subsurface and developing a geological infrastructure 
    • Engaging in energy transition 
    • Consolidating the rational, sustainable and responsible management of primary and secondary mineral resources 
    • Better integrating risks to ensure sustainable spatial planning 
    • Sustainably managing water resources 
    • Managing the geoscientific and environmental data cycle 

    They contribute to developing an appropriate scientific programming to enable the results of BRGM's research to be effectively used in response to the public policy issues expressed.

    BRGM's expertise 

    As a research institution that provides support for public policy decisions, BRGM places its expertise and experience at the disposal of civil society to help in decision-making processes. Any French or non-French organisation, be it an institution or legal person under public or private law, may commission BRGM to carry out an expert audit on a given subject.

    Regional presence to respond effectively to the needs of local stakeholders 

    In addition to its head office in Orléans, BRGM has 13 regional divisions and 5 regional delegations in mainland France, as well as 5 regional divisions and a local office in the French Overseas Territories. BRGM manages its mining safety responsibilities through its 4 regional post-mining units (UTAMs). Thanks to this regional network, BRGM maintains a close relationship with its local partners.

    European flag

    BRGM contributes to EU public-policy development 

    BRGM is closely involved at EU level at the interface between the public authorities, public and private-sector managers and research organisations. It is involved in projects financed by the EU's structural funds that support regional policies.


    The Corniche de l’Esterel, a rocky coastal ledge of red volcanic, Var

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