BRGM is a public institution for Earth science applications and provides support to national and local public stakeholders. It has just published its guidelines on this activity for 2024.
18 August 2023
Cover and extracts from BRGM's 2024 public policy support activities orientation document.

Cover and extracts from BRGM's 2024 public policy support activities orientation document.


BRGM's public-policy support programme includes expert assessments, monitoring and studies dedicated to the development of products, processes and services for the government, local authorities, target-oriented agencies and other public institutions.

It is prepared in consultation with national and local public stakeholders during regional planning committee meetings. This programme is drawn up on the basis of general guidelines laid down by the national public services steering committee (CNO), which brings together BRGM's supervisory ministries, as well as ministries responsible for areas in which BRGM operates.

Six strategic guidelines

BRGM's public-policy support programme is based on six guidelines:

  • Improving knowledge of the subsurface and developing a geological infrastructure
  • Engaging in energy transition
  • Consolidating the rational, sustainable and responsible management of primary and secondary mineral resources
  • Better integrating risks to ensure sustainable spatial planning
  • Sustainably managing water resources
  • Managing the geoscientific and environmental data cycle

Find out more about these guidelines below, illustrated by a few examples of actions planned for 2024 and by a recent project that can be replicated in several other regions. These examples may come from :

  • previous scientific research results, used to support public policy,
  • exploratory projects designed to meet a future need of public authorities,
  • collaborative work carried out with one or more other government operators.

Guidelines for supporting public policy-making for 2024