BRGM, the French geological survey, has subsidiaries and holdings in several fields of activity.
    BRGM Group structure as of 31 December 2022.

    BRGM Group structure as of 31 December 2022.

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    The BRGM Group's subsidiaries and holdings are grouped under three holding companies (Sageos, Coframines and BRGM SA) corresponding to four business lines: 

    • geothermal energy, with CFG Services, a 100% BRGM subsidiary, and Géothermie Bouillante, in which BRGM holds a 15% stake; 
    • measurement instruments for geophysical, hydrogeological, hydraulic, geotechnical and mining surveys, with IRIS Instruments, 51% owned by BRGM (the Japanese group OYO owns 49%); 
    • traceability in the re-use of excavated earth, with a 40% stake in Soltracing; 
    • the mining sector, with residual equity in the mining sector (dormant companies with no activities planned or companies under liquidation) and a minority share in Eramet.
    The Soultz-sous-Forêts geothermal plant

    CFG (French Geothermal Company)

    CFG (French Geothermal Company), a BRGM subsidiary, is an engineering company specialising in industrial geothermal applications for heat and power production in France and elsewhere.
    CFG logo

    CFG logo.

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    The Compagnie Française de Géothermie (CFG) is a leading company in the geoenergy market, with activities in four areas: 

    • Studies and consultancy in geothermal resources; 
    • Project design, engineering and management for all geothermal applications (including EGS and hot springs); 
    • Operational maintenance and monitoring; 
    • Expert appraisal, services and products in corrosion and industrial microbiology. 

    CFG offers its clients the subsurface expertise required for the design, implementation and operational monitoring of projects for geothermal extraction from all types of deep and shallow subsurface environments and for a wide range of temperatures. CFG’s expertise has extended to include engineering services for geothermal loops and fluid conditioning. 

    CFG has two technical divisions: 

    • The IMO division handles project engineering and management (upstream sector: resource characterisation, design and implementation) and; 
    • The MSE division handles maintenance and operational monitoring (downstream sector: commissioning, operational monitoring and maintenance, and rehabilitation. 
    The Soultz-sous-Forêts site

    Key figures

    • 100.00
      SAGEOS holding (BRGM Group)

    • 20.00

    • 5.53
      2022 turnover

    Rhyolitic massif and hot springs of Landmannalaugar, Iceland

    IRIS Instruments

    IRIS Instruments specialises in geophysical instrumentation for subsurface explorations and monitoring.
    IRIS Instruments logo

    IRIS Instruments logo. 

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    It is jointly owned by BRGM (51% holding) and the Japanese geotechnology group OYO (49%). 

    IRIS Instruments, established in 1990, designs, produces and markets geophysics equipment for environmental applications, water prospecting, geotechnologies and mineral prospecting. 

    Its electrical prospecting, induced polarisation, magnetic resonance and electromagnetism equipment is in use on every continent.

    Brandberg Massif in Namibia

    Key figures

    • 51.00
      BRGM holding

    • 49.00
      OYO holding

    • 29.00
      employees including 2 apprentices

    • 6.46
      2022 turnover