BRGM Éditions has published two new guidebooks in the Curiosités géologiques series, on the Chablais region (between Lake Geneva and Mont-Blanc) and on Chamonix and Mont-Blanc.
2 February 2024
Curiosités géologiques de Chamonix - Mont-Blanc and Curiosités géologiques du Chablais, guidebooks published by BRGM.

Curiosités géologiques de Chamonix - Mont-Blanc and Curiosités géologiques du Chablais, guidebooks published by BRGM.


BRGM Éditions has expanded its Geological Curiosities collection with two new guidebooks intended for a wide audience.

Geological curiosities of the Chablais UNESCO Global Geopark - Between Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc

Situated between Lake Geneva and the mountains of Haute-Savoie, the Chablais region offers a wide variety of landscapes. These are the result of a rich geological history that began around 250 million years ago. Its breathtaking relief provides a complete record of the formation of the Alps.

This priceless natural heritage has been recognised by UNESCO, which classified the area as a Global Geopark in 2012.

The 23 sites selected for their educational value will help you to understand the different stages that led to the landscapes we see today.

  • Authors: Sophie Justice and Emmanuel Reynard
  • Price: 19 euros
  • Reference: CURCHAB

Curiosités géologiques de Chamonix - Mont-Blanc

Chamonix is the world capital of mountaineering, due primarily to its geological structure, marked by the granite formations of the Mont-Blanc massif, which form the major faces overlooking the glacial relief.

With a particularly rich geological history, this region was modelled by the major tectonic and glacial events that shaped the Alps.

One of the special features of the valley and the two massifs that surround it is that they have been strongly marked by the great ice ages, with many traces of this shaping the landscape.

Geological history, glaciers past and present, exceptional landscapes, 22 sites to discover, an overview of the regional biodiversity and Man's relationship with stone.

  • Author: François Michel
  • Price: 19 euros
  • Reference: CURCHA

The Curiosités géologiques collection

BRGM Éditions aims to make a complex field of research accessible to the general public by explaining the processes of rock formation over geological time periods, illustrated by examples from the field.

The Geological Curiosities collection opens up the geology of different French regions to a wide audience. The books also include trails for discovering plants, wildlife, architecture and culture in general. All these aspects are linked to specific local environments, often shaped by the history and nature of the subsurface.