Are you an infrastructure or civil engineering works manager or a transmission network operator; are you wondering about seismic risk prevention on your site or nearby in the event of an earthquake? BRGM offers you its earthquake alert transmission and personalised management service to meet your needs for the prevention, safety and continuity of activities at your facilities and structures.

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    A TGV Duplex high-speed train from french company SNCF driving on the LGV Est

    A TGV Duplex high-speed train from french company SNCF driving on the LGV Est, the East European high speed railway line (Varreddes, France, 2018).

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    Your issues and needs

    Although considered as a moderate seismic risk area, mainland France is not immune to earthquakes and the damage they can cause. The scale of the human and economic consequences calls for tools adapted to the operating and monitoring constraints, in order to effectively meet the requirements set out in the prevention and safety plans: 

    • Receive a quick emergency warning in the event of an earthquake, covered by solid expert knowledge that takes into account the effects of particular sites on the parts of the structures to be monitored;
    • Trigger an appropriate response (proportionate inspection) in order to identify actual structural damage to infrastructures and works and so that  operations can be resumed under optimal safety conditions;
    • Set up an action plan, provide feedback, or even manage an emergency.
    BOLT platform interface

    BOLT platform interface.

    © BRGM

    Our added value

    BRGM is developing a complete earthquake alert transmission service. This service is fully customisable with various options to best meet your needs.

    Through the service, BRGM provides the following in particular:

    • Expert knowledge of seismologists and computer engineers for checking alerts and managing data;
    • Processing and translating seismic data (magnitude, geographical areas, potential damage, impacts on populations, etc.) in the form of a customised PDF report;
    • A web interface to consult the data (alerts, alert recipients, history of warnings);
    • An SMS alert channel;
    • The possibility to simulate seismic alerts.


    References in the field of seismic risk for operators:

    • Setting up an emergency warning for linear infrastructure managers and for public safety;
    • Regulatory study of local hazards (SEVESO classified installations, electricity generating sites, dams, etc.) in France and abroad;
    • Suricat-Nate: a web portal that collects and analyses information relayed on Twitter concerning natural risks in France in real time.
    Post-seismic mission, Italy

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