On 21 September 2023 in Orléans, BRGM and its partners invite you to take part in the next TInnov creative day on the theme "the value of water in a world in transition".
TInnov Orléans 2023. TInnov Orléans 2023.

TInnov Orléans 2023.


BRGM, the AVENIA cluster, the DREAM Eaux & Milieux cluster and IGN invite you to a new TInnov creative day on 21 September 2023 in the Serre du Jardin des plantes (greenhouse of the Plant Garden) in Orléans.

Why should you participate?

TInnov is a convivial, friendly event based on collective brainstorming workshops and presentations devoted to inventiveness.

The watchwords for the day are conviviality, inventiveness and challenge

Jointly building innovative concepts

Imagine new concepts for products and services in the field of geosciences.

Developing a creative project

Explore an exciting topic as a member of a mixed team of representatives of companies of all sizes, local authorities, associations and researchers.

Meetings with a wide variety of different stakeholders

Become more competitive by identifying new avenues for collaboration and boost your network through discussions with potential partners.

Why not pursue the adventure further?

BRGM and its partners will provide support for the most innovative ideas.

Would you like to take part in the TInnov adventure free of charge?

They will be participating in TInnov 2023

System that uses treated wastewater to recharge the sand dune aquifer in Coxyde (Belgium). System that uses treated wastewater to recharge the sand dune aquifer in Coxyde (Belgium).

System that uses treated wastewater to recharge the sand dune aquifer in Coxyde (Belgium).

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This year's theme: the value of water in a world in transition

Water is an essential resource, which is used for drinking water supply, irrigation, energy production and several other economic activities. We cannot imagine life without this precious resource, but we know that it is available in limited quantities and subject to many forms of pressure.

During this creative day, you will have the opportunity to imagine new concepts to better help users understand the value of the water resource and optimise its management.

In order to manage water in a more responsible way, we need to take into account its full economic value, in terms of its use in different industrial sectors, as well as its non-use value, since the presence of this resource is essential for health, the protection of ecosystems, and for future generations.

From a sustainable development perspective, it is also crucial to consider the cultural, geopolitical and intrinsic value of water on a global scale.

Join a team to design innovative tools and services that will contribute to safeguarding this valuable resource: groundwater!

Discover the creative subjects to be addressed at this year's event

The subjects to be debated during this year's event devoted to the value of water are currently being finalised and will be communicated shortly. Do you have an idea for a subject to be debated during the day? Share it with us!

Waterfall, Germany Waterfall, Germany

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To keep up to date with all the latest news about TInnov, follow the developments of the concepts addressed and meet potential partners, join us on the TInnov@BRGM Group on LinkedIn!