BRGM, a partner in the Explore2 project, is taking part in the Explore2 and LIFE Water&Climate project feedback seminar entitled "Keys to tomorrow's water management".
Explore2 seminar: Keys to future water management.

Explore2 seminar: Keys to future water management.

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The Explore2 and LIFE Water&Climate projects will come to an end in 2024. On this occasion, the partners involved in these projects invite you to the final feedback seminar entitled "Keys to tomorrow's water management".

The purpose of this event is to publicise what the scientific community can currently produce in terms of hydro-climatic projections and to share feedback from users who have made use of these results. The common aim of these two projects is to update knowledge on the impact of climate change on the water cycle and make this knowledge available, and to support local stakeholders in developing strategies for adapting water management.

Practical information

Registration is mandatory but free of charge

The event can be attended in person at La Défense (limited number of places) or by video conference. In the online conference you will be able to watch the presentations and discussions live, but you will not be able to ask questions.

BRGM, a partner in the Explore2 project

initiated in July 2021 for a 3-year period, the Explore2 project follows on from the pioneering Explore 2070 study (2010-2012), in which BRGM was also a partner. The project has two components:

  • A scientific component, handled by a scientific consortium led by INRAE and including a number of research stakeholders (Météo-France, BRGM, the Ecole Normale Supérieure, IRD, CNRS and EDF), provides an overview of the changes in natural surface and groundwater resources throughout the 21st century and in mainland France, based on the latest publications of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the latest hydrological modelling tools;
  • A component to help local stakeholders understand and use these results to adapt their water resource management strategies. This component is coordinated by OiEau in conjunction with the scientific consortium. It includes awareness-raising, communication and training activities targeting different user panels in conjunction with the LIFE Water&Climate project. In this connection, a MOOC (massive open online course) entitled "Explore2" will soon be available.

BRGM is a partner in the Groundwater Hydrology component of the project. The aim is to simulate changes in future water table levels, to characterise extremes over the 21st century under different greenhouse gas emission scenarios in a climate change context and to characterise changes in future aquifer recharge.