BRGM and the OFB (French Biodiversity Office) are organising an online conference entitled "BDLISA version 3: new features and outlook". Taking place on 18 October 2022 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm, the conference will present the new version of BDLISA, France’s national hydrogeological reference base.
Logo du référentiel hydrogéologique national BDLISA. Logo du référentiel hydrogéologique national BDLISA.

Logo of BDLISA, the national hydrogeological reference base


A third upgraded version

Set up almost 10 years ago, BDLISA is a hydrogeological reference base dividing France into hydrogeological units (geological aquifer formations, semi-permeable or impermeable). This is the cartographic base for the Water Information System (SIE). It provides a scientific framework and is also a valuable source of information for managers and decision-makers in the field of groundwater resources.

The third version, published this year, has been updated with extensive user feedback (nearly 20% of the hydrogeological units have changed since the previous version). It also takes account of the improvement work carried out in specific contexts (Armorican Massif, Massif Central).

The conference will be an opportunity to present the new features of this reference base so you can learn to use it and take part in improving the knowledge available for your region!


• Historical background, context of this new version: the BRGM/OFB partnership;
• The BDLISA reference base in a few minutes: content, use, upgrades;
• Main upgrades of version 3: base, karst zones, lithology, statistics on miscellaneous corrections;
• New features on the website ;
• Major upcoming projects;
• Exchange and discussion