ISTO, a joint research unit of the University of Orléans/CNRS/BRGM, will host the Trace-it project, led by Sophie Roman, winner of the European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant.
14 January 2022

Sophie Roman, a lecturer at the University of Orléans who also works at the Orléans Institute of Earth Sciences (ISTO), of which BRGM is a stakeholder, has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant under the Horizon Europe programme, funded by the European Research Council (ERC). She is one of only two French people to have been distinguished in her scientific field.

The Trace-it project: cleaning up polluted groundwater

This grant will enable her to carry out the Trace-it project, which aims to monitor the flow of colloidal particles in geological environments, for five years within the UMR ISTO. Using an experimental and digital microfluidic approach, the team led by Sophie Roman will investigate this phenomenon, which has many applications in subsurface engineering, for example the remediation of polluted groundwater.

ERC Starting grants: enabling young researchers to set up their research teams

The objective of the ERC grants is to achieve scientific excellence in Europe by supporting basic research. The ERC Starting grant is an individual grant allowing young researchers to demonstrate their scientific independence and to set up their own research team within a laboratory. The maximum amount of funding for ERC Starting Grants is €1.5 million over a 5-year period.

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