In 2018, for the first time, the BRGM awarded prizes for outstanding results achieved by staff and teams of the BRGM Group.
1 March 2018
BRGM award ceremony

BRGM awards: the first award ceremony in 2018. 


During the New Year ceremony on 16 January 2018 in Orléans, Michèle Rousseau, the BRGM's executive director, and Pierre Toulhoat, deputy executive director, awarded the first BRGM prizes.

These prizes reward outstanding achievements by BRGM and BRGM Group staff members and teams in their activities, projects, publications and innovations that highlight the BRGM's values as defined in its Code of Ethics: respect, cooperation, competence, transparency and objectiveness.

Four prizes were awarded at the first award ceremony in January 2018.

Prize for scientific publications

This prize, awarded to one or more authors of an outstanding international publication completed during the previous year, went to Gonéri Le Cozannet, Jean-Charles Manceau and Jérémy Rohmer for their article entitled "Bounding probabilistic sea-level projections within the framework of the possibility theory", published in the international journal Environmental Research Letters. This article describes the use of mathematical methods to assess different sea-level rise scenarios to predict their potential impacts.

Prize for innovation and industrial partnerships

This prize, for the development of an innovation producing outstanding results in partnership with industry, was awarded to the BRGM subsidiary Iris Instruments for developing the FullWaver geophysical measurement instrument, which enables 3D modelling of electrical properties below ground: an example of successful integration between the company's different areas of competence: research, development, electronics innovation and marketing.

Prize for assistance to a French or international public institution

This is a prize awarded to staff involved in a project or activity for a public institution in France or abroad which has had an outstanding impact. It went to the project for hurricane crisis management in the Caribbean. When hurricanes José and Irma hit the islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélémy, the prefecture of Guadeloupe and the delegate prefecture for the Iles du Nord in Saint-Martin requested the BRGM's expertise and its operational recommendations during the crisis. This project stood out for the exceptional mobilisation of BRGM staff at several Orléans and overseas units and for the resounding satisfaction expressed by government departments.

Prize for functional performance

This prize is awarded for a transverse action or project that improves the overall functioning, reputation or visibility of the BRGM. It was awarded this year to the organising teams for the national Science Festival, for which the BRGM organised an Open Day in October 2017. Attracting over 5400 visitors, this was the most well-attended of all BRGM Open Days at the Orléans site.