On Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October 2017, BRGM opened its doors to the general public for the 26th edition of the national Science Festival. 
16 October 2017

As part of the Science Festival, which took place throughout France from 6 to 15 October 2017, BRGM opened the doors of its scientific and technical centre in Orleans to the general public. 

During the visits and scientific activities, the activities of the French Geological Survey and those of some thirty other establishments, laboratories and scientific associations in the Loiret département were presented. 

More than 5400 visitors 

Over the weekend, a total of 5450 visitors came to the open-door event to take part in amusing learning activities organised for all ages. While touring the centre and observing the scientific activities, visitors were able to learn about the work of the French Geological Survey and of some thirty other associations, laboratories and scientific establishments in the Loiret département

The round table discussions on the energy transition, the legacy of the Great War and the Sunday event on the circular economy were also a great success. 

Everyone, including visitors and external exhibitors, was highly satisfied. Many said how much they appreciated the quality of the activities and scientific demonstrations on offer. And they also enjoyed finding out about BRGM's science centre. 

Highly mobilised teams, reaching out to society 

BRGM's staff were all on deck for the event and enjoyed their exchanges with many members of the public. The Science Festival thus illustrates BRGM's outreach policy as part of the science-society dialogue. 

In Orleans and throughout France, BRGM staff were on hand to share their enthusiasm, their research and their work. They made an indispensable contribution to the successful 2017 edition.