BRGM was commissioned by the state to build a pumping station and mine water treatment plant in the municipality of Freyming-Merlebach (Moselle).
22 July 2015
Cover of the press kit

Cover of the press kit.


Pumping helps limit the extent of the rise in groundwater. The water abstracted is then treated and discharged into the natural environment. This innovative and environmentally-friendly system is the third and most recent of its kind to be installed in the Lorraine coal basin.

The pumping station at the Vouters shaft

The mine water at the Vouters shaft is pumped to limit the extent of the rise in groundwater, and to protect built-up areas suffering from subsidence while controlling the rate of natural overflow from Germany. Pumping also helps maintain the quality of the water table.

The mine water treatment plant

The treatment plant is located at the entrance to the Freyming-Merlebach quarry, 2 km from the pumping station. Mine water is treated here to reduce concentrations of iron, manganese and suspended solids before being discharged into the natural environment.

Lorraine coal basin