Groundwater accounts for 68% of the drinking water consumed in metropolitan France and more than a third of the water used in agriculture. Elsewhere in the world, these figures are sometimes as high as 90%. And yet the availability of this essential resource is not always known. At a time of increasing alerts regarding groundwater levels, BRGM has the means to carry out innovative groundwater monitoring and management.
26 June 2019
Cover of the press kit

Cover of the press kit.


France at the forefront of quantitative and qualitative monitoring

Over the decades, researchers in France have developed an intimate knowledge of the its subsurface. The measuring instruments used today give us a very good view of the quantitative and qualitative status of groundwater. The French Geological Survey is responsible for coordinating and exploiting these huge amounts of data.

Aiming for proactive management? Innovations that could transform groundwater management

BRGM's intimate knowledge of the subsurface offers new opportunities for water management. It is now possible to redirect surface water so as to recharge aquifers during periods of abundant supply, and to anticipate and limit the effects of flooding from rising groundwater. The subsoil can also be a powerful physico-chemical reactor for decontaminating water.

Economics of groundwater management: new models for innovative projects

Managing groundwater is a complex process. How do you assess the cost-effectiveness of a development project? How do you draw up a pricing framework? Over the past fifteen years, BRGM has developed groundwater management support tools for the local and regional authorities and agencies concerned.

Groundwater: an invisible but essential resource