The PEPR OneWater - Water as a Common Good programme, a national research and innovation programme on water, led jointly by BRGM with CNRS and INRAE, is launching its first call for projects.
13 May 2022

OneWater - Water as a Common Good, is a national research and innovation programme that aims to have water recognised as a common good. Led jointly by BRGM with CNRS and INRAE, this exploratory, Priority Research and Equipment programme (PEPR), financed by the fourth ‘investment for the future’ programme (PIA4) as part of the France 2030 plan, has a budget of 53 million euros to be used over 10 years.

The first project phase for submission of letters of intent closes on 28 June 2022. The deadline for submitting proposals is 13 December 2022.

The OneWater programme logo.

The OneWater programme logo.

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OneWater - Water as a Common Good: a national water research and innovation programme

The intensification of hydrological extremes, due to global climate change, is a major challenge for our societies in the 21st century, which requires action at all levels.

Water is a common good, which is essential for life and socio-economic development. It is a resource, a living environment, and a vital element for climate regulation, ecosystem functioning and social and economic development.

France was one of the first countries in the world to set up water governance at the catchment basin level, but the assumption that everything could be resolved at the basin level is no longer considered to be true. Global phenomena are overtaking local conditions and new issues are emerging. These challenges need to be addressed through more integrated, systemic, multi-actor approaches to co-construct solutions that are adapted to a range of different realities.

The aim is to change the paradigm by having water recognised as a common good, a central element of socio-ecosystems that are subject to climatic and anthropic forcing.

The first call for ‘OneWater - Water as a Common Good’ projects

This first call for projects is open to all researchers from French higher education and/or research institutions wishing to propose projects to meet the objectives of the OneWater programme. Stakeholders (e.g., regional or local authorities, NGOs, socio-economic actors, etc.) and other French and international partners can be affiliated to the consortia, without however being able to benefit from Programme funding.

This call for projects aims to:

  • identify the research resources that could investigate the scientific issues identified in relation to the six objectives of the Programme,
  • propose new and original subjects for scientific study to address the objectives and challenges of OneWater,
  • help produce knowledge to meet the main and related objectives in addition to the stated projects of the programme,
  • create new consortia in order to remove obstacles, propose solutions and support regional authorities and stakeholders for the co-construction of the resilience necessary for water management in France.

The call for projects consists of two phases:

  • A first phase for submission of letters of intent for the short-listing of consortia, by main or related objectives. At the end of this phase, only the selected consortia will be able to propose detailed projects. Submission deadline for this first phase: 28 June 2022
  • A second phase for evaluation by an international committee of the projects submitted by the consortia short-listed in phase 1. Deadline for submission of applications: 13 December 2022

A presentation and information webinar will be held on 23 May 2022 at 14:30.