All of BRGM's work to support public policy for 2021-2022. Read our consolidated report on our work in strategic policy areas and our outstanding achievements.
30 November 2023
Cover of BRGM’s 2021- 2022 report on its contribution to government policy

Cover of BRGM’s 2021- 2022 report on its contribution to government policy


BRGM’s policy support mission includes all activities based on research that the institution has undertaken for civil society, stakeholders and officials in charge of shaping policy.

Over the period 2021-2022, this mission has evolved and expanded in response to the environmental and international situation.

Major environmental challenges hinge on ground and subsurface resources and risks

The crises linked to climate change and the health crisis due to Covid, followed by the war in Ukraine, have heightened awareness of the urgency of a number of issues:

  • the need to preserve water resources,
  • the need to anticipate and manage natural hazards,
  • the need to secure the supply of strategic mineral resources,
  • and lastly, the important role that the subsurface is set to play in the energy transition.

Against this backdrop, BRGM is increasingly called upon by all public authorities, at both regional and national levels, to meet the need for scientific and technical assistance in drawing up and monitoring sustainable development policies.

Below is a summary of our policy support activity in 2021 and 2022.

BRGM 2021- 2022 report on its contribution to public policy

Landslip, Sauvat

BRGM, working alongside our public partners

BRGM conducts audits, monitoring campaigns and studies aimed at providing the State, local authorities, public agencies and institutions with support for their policy decision-making processes.