The seismic crisis that Mayotte has been experiencing since 2018 has raised many questions, particularly about its origins. Discover the geological history of Mayotte, from its birth to the present day.
6 November 2023

Geological history of Mayotte

How many volcanoes are there in Mayotte? When was the coral reef formed? Did the island have the same shape when the first people arrived? We tell you everything, from the birth of Mayotte to the present day. Discover the island in a whole new light.


An educational video produced by BRGM at the request of the Mayotte DEAL 

The island of Mayotte is experiencing a seismic crisis associated with the upwelling of magma and the creation of an underwater volcanic edifice 50 km to the east of the island. Since the earthquakes began, the people of Mayotte have been wondering what causes the tremors, and have rediscovered that the island of Mayotte is a volcano. It then became clear that there was a need for educational outreach media to explain the island's genesis, from its creation to the birth of this new volcano.

The DEAL asked BRGM to define the scientific content of a video intended for the general public, tracing the geological history of the island of Mayotte. The video shows the birth of the volcano in Mayotte, from its earliest days to its current state. It provides the necessary information gradually in four main stages:

  • The island of Mayotte, its geographical position, the creation of the Mozambique Channel 
  • The construction of the island from its origins to the submarine lava flows 
  • The major geological features that make up the island's geography 
  • Current earthquakes and submarine lava flows