BRGM and Cap Digital are organising a webinar to present a challenge on "Managing regional planning decisions", on Thursday 8 September 2022 at 9 am.

How can we help all the players involved in urban planning to assess the environmental impact of a planning project, even before it starts?

This is the problem that BRGM is seeking to address with this open innovation challenge on "Managing regional planning decisions". 

Cap Digital is organising this challenge for BRGM and its partners Geovariances, SCE and VALGO. The purpose of this call for projects is to co-develop an integrated decision-support tool for all professionals involved in sustainable planning projects (local authorities, large cities, public land registries, institutions, planners, urban planners/architects, developers and engineering offices).

This tool will be used to assess the environmental impact of a project, as well as the resources that could be provided for it, depending on its location. It should therefore:

  • Exploit risk-related data in order to plan for as many scenarios as possible (shrinkage and swelling hazards, ground movements, underground cavities, etc.)
  • Take account of the challenges of the circular economy (reusing materials from nearby construction sites or acquiring them from a nearby quarry in order to reduce the carbon impact of transport, etc.) as well as the activities around quarries

This solution should also make it possible to compare scenarios at different stages of project development, and thus to promote a transparent dialogue with stakeholders, as well as residents and users.

Against this backdrop, BRGM and its partners are launching a call for projects, in the form of a digital challenge operated by Cap Digital. The objective is to select the best French start-ups and SMEs in order to co-develop a prototype solution that meets these needs, based on their pre-existing technological building blocks.