Launched in March 2022, the Priority Research Equipment and Programme (PEPR) "OneWater - Water as a Common Good" has scheduled for 20 January 2023 a review of the actions carried out during 2022, as well as a presentation of the key dates and events to come in 2023.

PEPR OneWater online review and forum - 20 January 2023

PEPR OneWater online review and forum "Innovating for Sustainable Water Management", 20 January 2023. The co-directors of OneWater look back on one year of actions within the programme and present the actions to come in 2023.

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"OneWater - Water as a Common Good" is a national research and innovation programme that aims to have water recognised as a common good. Run jointly by BRGM with CNRS and INRAE, this exploratory PEPR, launched in March 2022, is financed by the fourth "investments for the future" programme (PIA4) as part of the France 2030 plan.

On Friday 20 January 2023 from 14:00 to 16:00, PEPR OneWater is offering an online review and forum for discussion of the programme.

This webinar, open to all, allows participants to ask questions about the programme, its strategic goals and actions.

The OneWater programme logo.

The OneWater programme logo.

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OneWater: a national water research and innovation programme

With global change, natural and anthropogenic pressures on water resources have been exacerbated and have become a major challenge for our societies in the 21st century: it is urgent to act now and at all levels.

Water is a common good, which is essential for life and socio-economic development. It is a resource, a natural environment for living organisms, and a vital element for climate regulation, ecosystem functioning and human development.

France was one of the first countries in the world to set up water governance at the catchment basin level, but the assumption that everything could be resolved at this level is no longer considered to be true. Global phenomena are overtaking local conditions and new issues are emerging. These challenges need to be addressed through more integrated, systemic, multi-stakeholder approaches to construct collaborative solutions to suit a range of different realities.

The OneWater - Water as a Common Good programme, run jointly by BRGM with CNRS and INRAE, is one of the 4 exploratory PEPRs selected by the Government in the first round of the call for projects. Over a period of 10 years, this programme aims to change the paradigm by having water recognised as a common good, a central element of socio-ecosystems that is subject to climatic and anthropogenic forcing.