BRGM is participating in the Cycl'Eau Toulouse-Occitanie 2022 exhibition, organised by the Occitanie Region, Toulouse Métropole, Réseau 31 and the Adour Garonne Water Agency on 23 and 24 March 2022.
Cycl'eau Toulouse-Occitanie 2022 poster.

Cycl'eau Toulouse-Occitanie 2022 poster.

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A new edition of Cycl’Eau Toulouse-Occitanie will be held on 23 and 24 March 2022 for a first 100% face-to-face event aimed at the stakeholders in the Occitanie region: with 150 exhibitors, conferences delivered by experts, discussion and networking areas for all participants.

Six series of conferences have been organised for the event, one of which deals with the controlled recharge of aquifers. The latter is coordinated by Reseau31 with the support of BRGM. The following institutions will be intervening:

  • Adour-Garonne Water Agency.
  • Réseau 31 and BRGM, which will present the "R'Garonne" experiment, which they are conducting together, to recharge the alluvial aquifer to compensate for low water levels in the Garonne.
  • The Aquavalley cluster, which will present a European project, SUDOE AQUIFER,  in which BRGM is a partner along with several French, Spanish and Portuguese organisations, which aims to capitalise, test, disseminate and transfer innovative practices for the preservation, monitoring and integrated management of aquifers.
  • The National Federation of Local Authorities and Water Agencies (FNCCR).