BRGM is taking part in the Journée scientifique de Toulouse/Toulouse Science Forum on 5 October 2021.
Banner for the Toulouse Science Forum 2021

Banner for the Toulouse Science Forum 2021.

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What transitions can we expect to see in water resources against a backdrop of climate change?

Organised by Météo et Climat Toulouse-Occitanie and the French Water Partnership (PFE), in association with the Adour Garonne Water Agency and Météo-France, this one-day Forum is being held to analyse the latest three special IPCC reports focusing on water resources.

The objectives will be to outline the challenges raised by climate change for water resources, as well as to present existing solutions and to discuss the experience gained in the field in order to share the lessons with other countries, especially developing countries.

BRGM is taking part in the second Round Table, dedicated to the threat posed to water resources by climate change.


09:00 - Participants welcomed

09:30 - Opening
Jean Jouzel Chair of Météo et Climat
Jean Launay Chair of the French Water Partnership
Virginie Schwarz CEO of Météo-France
Guillaume Choisy Managing Director of the Adour Garonne Water Agency

10:00 am - Introduction
Valérie Masson-Delmotte Co-chair of Group I of the IPCC
Johannes Cullmann Director, Water and Cryosphere Coordination, World Meteorological Organisation

11:00 am - SESSION 1 - Assessment and monitoring of future developments in the field of water resources

Round table 1
Valérie Demarez
Lecturer in ecology and remote sensing at Paul Sabatier University, Florence Habets Hydroclimatologist, CNRS Research Director and professor attached to the École Normale Supérieure, Renaud Hermen Co-founder of the association Water Family, Ludovic Lhuissier Director of engineering operations and innovation with the regional development entity Compagnie d’aménagement des coteaux de Gascogne

12:30 pm - Lunch break

2:00 pm - SESSION 2 - In what ways does climate change pose a threat to water resources?

Round table 2
Nicolas Bauduceau
Director of the Public Funds and Prevention Department, French Central Reinsurance Fund, Yvan Caballero Hydrogeologist with the BRGM, Bruno Castelle CNRS Research Director, EPOC laboratory (Bordeaux University), Nathalie Clarenc Assistant Director, Departmental Authority for Inland and Marine Areas in the Aude region, Magali Reghezza-Zitt Lecturer and qualified senior researcher in geography at the École Normale Supérieure

3:30 pm - SESSION 3 - Could climate change be a source of innovation for water?

Round table 3
Marie-Hélène Aubert Member of the Loire Brittany basin committee for the Loire Brittany Water Agency and Chair of the PFE work group on Aquatic biodiversity and nature-based solutions, Mathilde Loury Head of the Integrated Life Project ARTISAN for the French Biodiversity Office, Emmanuelle Oppeneau Head of Environment-Water, SUEZ, Olivier Sarlat Regional Director – Veolia Eau South Region, Morgane Villetard Regional coordinator “Nature-based adaptation solutions” with the Occitanie Regional Biodiversity Agency

5:00 pm - Conclusion and closing of the Forum
Abou Amani Director, Division of Water Sciences, UNESCO
Eric Servat Research Director, IRD Research Institute, Chair of the Forum's Science Committee
Marie-Laure Vercambre Director General of the French Water Partnership
Serge Planton Climatologist. Member of the governing board of Météo et Climat