BRGM is one of the partners involved in the seminar on "How regions can prepare to cope with water scarcity" which will be held online and in Paris on 3 different dates: 25 May, 6 June and 15 June 2023.
Seminar: Regions facing water scarcity.

Seminar: Regions facing water scarcity.


For several decades, urbanisation, energy-production, industrial and agricultural activities have been placing pressure on the global availability of freshwater, a common good that is essential for human and animal life, ecosystems, climate regulation and biodiversity, as well as for enabling many economic sectors to operate and develop. Moreover, this situation has been exacerbated by climate change. Access to water, decisions on how water resources should be managed and shared to meet the needs of different uses and activities, waste-water treatment processes and policies aimed at reducing consumption have become major issues for local and regional authorities.

This seminar will provide scientific data and input to enable local councils and public and private operators to make informed decisions concerning water management. It will provide an opportunity to answer key questions and share knowledge about:

  • The history of water management and agricultural uses, 
  • The water cycle and how it works, the functions and value of water (as a resource, a living environment, and a vital element for climate regulation, ecosystems or human development), natural and anthropogenic pressures on resources (based on the latest research),
  • The various means and tools (as well as potential obstacles) identified by local stakeholders to improve the use and management of water in their regions and to establish sustainable and responsible management of the resources,
  • Potential changes to water management approaches that could address certain challenges in terms of how the resources are shared between different uses and promote responsible consumption,
  • The financial cost of water policies and the support mechanisms for exploring innovative new solutions.

BRGM is one of the partners involved in this seminar and will be taking part in the webinar on 25 May and the presentations on 15 June 2023.

The question of water - Webinar, Thursday 25 May 2023

Dominique Darmendrail, Director of the "Groundwater and Global Climate Change" scientific programme at BRGM, was one of the speakers involved in the webinar on groundwater and global climate change, which took place on 25 May 2023, from 6 to 8pm.



  • The history of water management and how it has been perceived culturally in different societies; Julie Trottier, Director of Research, CNRS, PRODIG Unit (Research Unit for the Organisation and Dissemination of Geographic Information).
  • The state of water resources: Dominique Darmendrail, Director of the "Groundwater and Global Climate Change" Programme at BRGM.

Webinar on "Water use and consumption", Tuesday 6 June 2023


  • Patrick Anne, representative of the Rennes Consumption and Environment Office on the Vilaine Water Development and Management Board (SAGE Vilaine)
  • Laurent Bellet, Water and Energy Advisor, Sustainable Development Division, EDF
  • Pierre Colin, winegrower, member of the Hérault Chamber of Agriculture
  • Marielle Montginoul, Director of Economic Research, UMR G-Eau, INRAE

Users, operators and regional authorities; how to establish common objectives to ensure sustainable, responsible water management? - Thursday 15 June 2023, 9am-5.30pm

Venue: Hub des Territoires: 72, avenue Pierre Mendès France, Paris 13
Possible to follow the afternoon session remotely

What plan should be established to achieve the responsible use of water at regional level? What are the financial implications of sustainable water management? What are the possible solutions? Situation reports from local authorities…

Seminar chaired by the journalist Sylvain Allemand.


  • André Bernard, Chairman of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) Regional Chamber of Agriculture, Vice-Chairman of Chambres d'agriculture France in charge of water-related issues
  • Jean-Yves Robin, Global Water Project Director, Group Safety and Environment Department, Arkema
  • Robin Salecroix, Vice-Chairman of Nantes Métropole in charge of water and waste-water policy, member of the Fédération nationale des collectivités concédantes et régies (FNCCR [National Federation of Local Authorities and Water Agencies])
  • Marie Lehouck, Head of the Water Policy Office, Water and Biodiversity Directorate, at the French Ministry for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion
  • Thierry Burlot, Chairman of the Cercle français de l’eau
  • Aurélie Colas, General Manager of the French Federation of Water Companies (FP2E)
  • Géraldine Rollin, Water & Sanitation Investment Manager, at the Banque des Territoires
  • Sébastien Demech, co-founder and Chairman of Telaqua
  • Daniel Helle, Terres de Sources project coordinator, at the Rennes Basin Water Authority (CEBR)
  • Caroline Lejars, Deputy Director of UMR G-EAU, CIRAD
  • Fabrice Paccamiccio, Head of the Drinking Water Department, Nevers Conurbation Council
  • Marie Pettenati, Scientific Correspondent, Project Manager, at the BRGM Water, Environment, Processes and Analysis Department
  • Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, Socio-economic Researcher, BRGM