Patrick d'Hugues, the Director of the "Mineral Resources and Circular Economy" scientific programme at BRGM, will be speaking at a free conference organised by Centre-Sciences on 5 October 2021 in Orléans, as part of the Science Tuesdays (Mardis de la science) conference programme.
Piles of salt in the Uyuni Salt Salt Flat, salt desert and the world's largest lithium deposit.

Tas de sel dans le salar d'Uyuni, désert de sel et plus grand gisement mondial de lithium (Bolivie, 2012). 

© Vladimir Melnik – Fotolia 

Mineral resources play an essential role in our day-to-day lives. During this era of energy and digital transition, they will be even more crucial for manufacturing wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, telephones, etc.

We remain dependent on non-domestic production, and recycling, while essential, can only fulfil a small part of the demand, in the face of growing needs. With this in mind, how can we safeguard the long-term viability of our industrial sectors and address the issue of metal procurements?

Our dependence not only results in losing production sovereignty and industrial opportunities, it also shifts elsewhere the environmental and social impacts linked to our lifestyles.


As Director of the "Mineral Resources and Circular Economy" scientific programme at BRGM, Patrick d'Hugues is in charge of coordinating scientific activities concerning the responsible and sustainable procurement of raw materials (exploration, process development/recycling, life-cycle analysis).

Practical information

5 October 2021 at 8pm

Muséum d'Orléans pour la biodiversité et l'environnement (MOBE)
7 Rue Marcel Proust, 45000 Orléans, France

Free conference