Pierre-Alexandre Reninger, a research engineer at BRGM, will be speaking on 7 June in Orléans at a free conference organised by Centre-Sciences as part of the Mardis de la science (Science Tuesdays) programme, in partnership with research institutes in the Loiret département.
ReunEM heliborne geophysics campaign, Reunion Island

ReunEM heliborne geophysics campaign (Reunion Island, 2014)

© BRGM René Carayol

Geophysics allows us to obtain images of the subsurface in a non-destructive way, using similar techniques to an MRI. Using a helicopter or plane to carry out this type of operation enables scientists to survey large areas of land in a uniform way and thereby obtain valuable information about the nature and geometry of the different geological layers beneath our feet.

The data acquired can then be interpreted in relation to other geoscientific data available, such as data from boreholes and other information concerning the water system, thus providing key knowledge to help improve our understanding of the water resources in the area studied, in order to have a clearer picture of how the water system functions in the subsurface and be able to manage the resources in a more sustainable way.


Pierre-Alexandre RENINGER, Research Engineer, BRGM

Practical information

7 June 2022 at 8pm

Muséum d'Orléans pour la biodiversité et l'environnement (MOBE)
7 Rue Marcel Proust, 45000 Orléans, France

Free conference