The exploratory Priority Research Programmes and Infrastructures (PEPR) programme entitled "Sous-sol, bien commun" (The Subsurface, a Common Good), to be run jointly by BRGM and the CNRS, took place in Paris on 13 February 2023. It was available on video.

A research programme for the responsible use and sustainable exploitation of the subsurface

With the growing need to better understand the resources and uses of the subsurface, the PEPR programme entitled "The subsurface, a common good" aims to develop subsurface knowledge and its uses in France.

The launch day provided an opportunity to present and discuss the challenges, aims and objectives of the programme.

Replay of the program launch

The launch of the research programme "The subsurface, a common good", to be run jointly by BRGM and the CNRS, took place in Paris on 13 February 2023. Find the exchanges in replay.


Practical information

13 February 2023, 09:00 to 16:00

CNRS Marie Curie Auditorium
3 rue Michel-Ange - 75016 Paris

This event is organised in hybrid mode and is available on video


09:00 > 10:00
Coffee reception

10:00 > 10:20
Opening by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

10:20 > 10:40
Speeches by the chairpersons of the PEPR SousSol pilot institutions

Antoine Petit, Chair and CEO of CNRS
Michèle Rousseau, Chair and CEO of BRGM

10:40 > 11:10
"The Subsoil, a Common Asset": research and expertise

Christophe Poinssot, Deputy Director General of BRGM
Nicolas Arnaud, Director of CNRS/INSU
Marie Gaille, Director of CNRS/INSHS

11:10 > 11:40
Feedback from a Key Witness

Saida Engstroem

11:40 > 12:10
Presentation of PEPR SousSol by the co-directors

Olivier Vidal, CNRS/INSU
Pierre Nehlig, BRGM
Xavier Arnauld de Sartre, CNRS/INSHS

12:10 > 12:30


14:00 > 16:30
Round tables on the main lines of activity of the PEPR with the co-sponsors of the platforms and work areas

  • Resource requirements and uses of the subsurface
  • Subsurface potentials
  • Conditions for the use of the subsurface
  • Regional areas of work
  • Training