BRGM can assist you in analysing the mineral raw material markets and the specific risks associated with your economic activities, against a backdrop of increasing pressure on resources.

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    Twisted copper wires

    Twisted copper wires.

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    Your issues and needs

    Certain minerals are pivotal to the energy and digital transition, and have become essential in many technologies.

    At the same time, there is an ever increasing need for more traditional mineral raw materials (base metals, industrial minerals, building materials), which is simply due to global demographic trends and the accompanying consumption.

    Faced with this broad-based growth in demand and regular signs of tension on certain mineral resources, it is perfectly reasonable to wonder about the state of world supply and its ability to meet your future needs. A supply disruption could impact your business model or even jeopardise the survival of your activities.

    Our added value

    By drawing on its recognised, independent expertise, our Mineral Intelligence team assists you in complete independence in the monitoring and analysis of mineral raw material markets.

    Our economic geologists can help safeguard your activity by characterising the risk factors weighing on your mineral supplies.

    Their skills apply to all or part of the value chain, from geological resources through to industrial products and their end-of-life recycling:

    Analysis of supply:

    • Status of the identified reserves and primary resources - Inventory of deposits.
    • World production (mining and metallurgy) - Identification and description of producers and processors, analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.
    • Supply risk factors (industrial, environmental, geopolitical and societal).

    Analysis of demand:

    • Global consumption - Review of uses and user industries.
    • Analysis of industrial channels - Positioning of the players (partnerships, competition, monopolies, etc.).
    • Recent market developments and impacts on users (substitutions, technological changes, new markets).

    Strategic decision support:

    • Criticality studies by substance or by sector.
    • Assessment of a company's exposure to risks (raw material prices, regulations, government policies, etc.).
    • Building of personalised predictive or prospective scenarios.
    • Assistance in drafting specifications for responsible procurement (criticality, traceability, recyclability, etc.).
    Worldwide distribution of countries producing nickel ore, intermediate products, refined nickel and ferronickel

    Worldwide distribution of countries producing nickel ore, intermediate products, refined nickel and ferronickel (2016). 

    © BRGM

    Some references

    • Market studies of critical substances for various industrial companies (mining operators, automotive manufacturers, recycling industries, trade associations, etc.).
    • Drafting of criticality sheets and mineral substance monographs as part of BRGM's institutional support to the French government (public documents available on
    • Contributions to criticality assessment methodologies (EU's 2017 list of critical raw materials, plenary speech to the World Materials Forum in 2018).
    • Member of French and international associations and working groups on metals: COMES (French Strategic Metals Committee), CyclOpe Circle, international study groups (copper, zinc, lead, nickel, etc.).
    Nickel ore, New Caledonia

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