The Hub'Eau prototype offers an innovative service and facilitates accessibility to data on water. It speeds up the provision of data using simplified formats, and offers API to power third-party applications and make the most of the data.
9 May 2016

Hub’Eau: simplifying access to water data in France

The Hub'Eau prototype offers an innovative service and facilitates accessibility to data on water.

All this data is produced by a set of associated producers within the Internet portal While insiders know how to access this information, for the general public, finding it can be a complex business. Hub'Eau connects to existing feeds, speeds up the provision of data using simplified formats, and offers programming interfaces to power third-party applications and make the most of the data.

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In France, a lot of data on water is available on the Web: such as flow of rivers, fish species, and state of groundwater. All this data is produced by a set of associated producers within the Internet portal 

While insiders know how to access this information, for the general public, finding it can be a complex business. 

The Hub'Eau prototype offers an innovative service and facilitates accessibility to this Web data. Acting as a data concentrator, Hub'Eau connects to existing feeds. It speeds up the provision of data using simplified formats. It also offers programming interfaces to power third-party applications and make the most of the data. Martin is mayor of his town and a keen fisherman. He'd like to know which species of fish are present in his local streams. Martin asks his IT team to create an application using Hub'Eau to incorporate any available information about his territory into his  website. Hub'Eau makes it easy to go fishing for info! After first indicating a geographical location, a map of fish  species can be accessed. Using Hub'Eau, Martin can also reveal the water quality in the rivers running through the town, indicate whether there is any groundwater, and the quality of drinking water and sanitation in his area. Hub'Eau offers data on water, it's up to you how best to use it. To check on the availability of water data, go to