BRGM is a partner of L'Esprit Sorcier TV, a new family channel dedicated to science and the environment. The first programme, on the theme of the coastline, is available for replay on YouTube.
4 May 2023

The ocean assaults the coastline - Science in questions

Cécile Capderrey and Gonéri Le Cozannet, BRGM specialists in coastal risks, were invited to appear on the Science en questions programme broadcast on L'Esprit Sorcier TV, on 19 April 2023, to answer questions about the risks which threaten the French coastline.

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Impacts of climate change on the French coastline

Today, the French coastline is increasingly threatened by climate change but also by increased pressure from human activities.

What are the risks to the coastline? How does this affect local populations? What solutions could we adapt?

France has a rich and varied coastline made up of sandy beaches, cliffs, rocky coasts, mangrove swamps, etc. With almost 20,000 km of coastline counting both metropolitan France and the French overseas departments and territories (DROMs), French territory is obviously concerned by the problems of coastal zone management

Guests: Cécile Capderrey and Gonéri Le Cozannet, Engineers and specialists in coastal risks induced by climate change.

BRGM partners with the L'Esprit Sorcier TV channel

BRGM, the French geological survey, is a partner of L'Esprit Sorcier TV, a new family channel dedicated to science and the environment. Founded by Fred Courant, co-host of the TV show C'est pas Sorcier this channel follows the news of "those who do scientific research on a daily basis", in laboratories as well as on expeditions to the ends of the Earth. A range of themes, among which are energy, climate, biodiversity, digital technology or demography, are covered in different formats, from in-depth programmes to documentaries, reports, events (Fête de la science) and live debates.

BRGM experts regularly appear on Science en questions programmes when the subjects are related to Earth sciences. Replays of these episodes are available on the YouTube channel L’Esprit Sorcier TV.