The BRGM and the specialist Antea Group signed a scientific and industrial partnership agreement in Orléans on 13 June.
14 June 2019

In the fields of water and the environment, there are numerous areas of synergy between the BRGM's expertise and the environmental engineering consultancy Antea Group, which is why the two organisations have been cooperating closely for several years. The partnership agreement signed on 13 June will strengthen their cooperation over the longer term.

The agreement signed by Philippe Freyssinet, the BRGM's director for strategy and research, and Rob van Dongen, Antea Group's executive chairman and member of the board of directors, aims to develop new applications, new products and new services in R&D areas of common interest.

A partnership on eight topics

Planned cooperation between the BRGM and Antea Group will focus on:

  • Developing digital services relevant to surface and sub-surface resources;
  • The non-saturated (vadose) zones between the surface and groundwater tables;
  • Recovering materials from excavated earth;
  • Re-use of waste water;
  • In-situ soil rehabilitation;
  • Waste storage infrastructure;
  • Responses to seismic events;
  • International commercial development.

This strategic 3-year renewable partnership agreement was signed in the presence of François Bonneau, the Chairman of the Centre Val de Loire Region, and Olivier Carré, the Mayor and Chairman of Orléans Métropole.

Antea Group is an international environmental engineering and consultancy company employing over 3300 people based in 90 agencies across the world. Antea Group was created in 1994 by subsidiarising part of the BRGM's activities and was acquired in 2009 by the Dutch group Oranjewoud, which covers all the companies in the Antea Group.