BRGM has just signed a framework agreement with the namR company for the creation of innovative digital solutions for dealing with natural hazards.
12 September 2022
Signing of the agreement between namR and BRGM, in Orléans, on 9 September 2022

Signing of the agreement between namR and BRGM, in Orléans, on 9 September 2022


Whether it be clay shrinkage and swelling, the risk of subsidence due to cavities or ground movements, French buildings can be particularly vulnerable to natural hazards, especially during drought episodes such as the one France has experienced this year. In the face of rising damage claims, risk prevention and adaptation to climate change are major challenges.

Creating new synergism and developing innovative digital solutions for French buildings

It is in this context that BRGM, the French geological survey, and namR, a French company and member of French Tech Green 20, specialised in the production of geo-positioning data for the ecological transition of French buildings, have joined forces to take full advantage of their complementary resources, with a view to proposing relevant adaptation solutions for French buildings.

Through their partnership, namR and BRGM intend to pool their expertise and the data produced in relation to exposure, vulnerability and adaptation to natural hazards. Their goal is to compile a set of useful data on geological hazards, particularly clay shrinkage and swelling, that affect French buildings and regions.

Ultimately, the joint aim is to be able to co-produce risk-scores for all buildings throughout France in order to characterise their vulnerability, their exposure and the relevant adaptation solutions in detail.

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