As the largest geological survey in Europe, the Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières (BRGM) will contribute to 15 lectures and panel discussions at the Pollutec trade show. Close to forty researchers will provide expert knowledge on environmental issues associated with the subsurface.
8 October 2021
Le BRGM participera à 16 tables-rondes au salon Pollutec 2021

Le BRGM participera à 16 tables-rondes au salon Pollutec 2021.


In the light of increasing population density, the energy transition and other challenges, the subsurface could become increasingly relevant in the coming decades.

To address essential needs in these areas, BRGM provides specialist knowledge in geothermal development, subsurface modelling in the context of risk management, active management of water supplies, soil contamination and securing strategic mineral resources.

With 700 scientists and engineers, its state-of-the-art facilities in Orléans and 300 field officers based in all the French regions, BRGM deploys its expertise across the whole of France, and is also renowned on a global scale for its practical knowledge.

15 lectures and panel discussions

This year, BRGM is attending the Pollutec trade show as an exhibitor, and is also contributing to 15 lectures and panel discussions.

The topics covered in these interventions are varied:

  • four conferences will be devoted to spatial planning,
  • three others will focus on the role of the subsurface in relation to energy challenges,
  • two will will tackle ocean and coastline issues,
  • two conferences will address the issue of groundwater,
  • two others will deal with agriculture and climate.

As a recognised expert in hydrogeology and environmental assessment, BRGM will take part in two key discussions:

  • "What solutions to adapt water resources to climates changes?" (13 October)
  • "Micropollutants and emerging pollution types: how can we measure their impact and what are the solutions ?" (14 October)

A permanent exhibition stand

As well as contributing to these workshops, BRGM will be exhibiting in Hall 4 (Aisle K). Documentation will also be available in the press and media area of the show.