BRGM publishes its general policy on open science and incorporates it as an essential part of its scientific research strategy.
6 January 2023

BRGM, the French geological survey, is a leading national and European player in the field of science and information on ground and the subsurface and its resources. It plays an increasing role as a widely acknowledged centre for ground and subsurface data both for the French Government and for European infrastructures such as the European Plate Observing System (EPOS) and the European Geological Survey Alliance EuroGeoSurveys and international ones, in particular for OneGeology.

As the manager of a very large number of open-access databases, which are part of its public-policy support activities, it is committed to sharing the results of its research activities as much as possible.

Geological map of Europe.

BRGM is an institution that has long practised open science, due in particular to its work in support of public policies. The challenge is now to implement this policy throughout the institution with a shared and coordinated vision over the entire scientific data cycle, from data acquisition in the field to digital services via Internet. We have a big job ahead of us in making raw data available, but also in ramping-up to make data and information accessible to a non-scientific audience.

Philippe Freyssinet, BRGM Director of Research

BRGM is the authoritative French and European institution for ground and subsurface data.

BRGMs open science policy aims to standardise practices at the level of the institution and to accelerate the process in all the scientific fields covered by the French geological survey. It will be implemented within the framework of the 2023-2027 contract of objectives, means and performance which will soon be signed by BRGM and its supervisory Ministries.

BRGM's open science policy is to open up data, source codes and knowledge generated with public funds as its general practice, while respecting confidentiality legislation and rules with respect to National Security, business secrecy and defending national sovereignty.

BRGM's open science policy has several objectives, including:

  • modernising and redesigning the centralized portal InfoTerre for disseminating BRGM reports and data;
  • rapidly achieving 100% open-access scientific production (scientific articles, public reports and maps);
  • systematically implementing data management plans for all the institution's projects;
  • guaranteeing the durability of scientific data for research and expertise activities and ensuring open access;
  • developing a culture within the institution regarding data management by all players in the data life cycle based on the FAIR (Easy to Find, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) principles;
  • developing and promoting infrastructures, tools and standards that allow independent queries and analysis of scientific content;
  • involving BRGM in the major national initiatives under way, such as Equipex+ TERRA FORMA, and developing strategic partnerships with other public establishments that produce knowledge and data.

Open science policy at BRGM in 2022

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