Forty-five percent of the water tables show a moderately low to very low level, mainly due to the lack of rainfall in September. The winter recharging period has not yet begun.
10 October 2018

Water table levels on 1 October 2018 were uneven across different regions. 

One third (33%) of the water tables had levels that were moderately high to very high but around half (45%) were at moderately low to very low. The remaining fifth (22%) were at average levels. This situation is not very abnormal for this time of year, early autumn, but it does reflect a period of prolonged low water, given the absence of rainfall in September. The winter recharging period has not yet begun. 

Trends in water table levels 

Once again, the general trend in water table levels this month reflects the low-water period, with stable levels for only 11% of the measurement points. The situation has changed very little in relation to last month. The number of measurement points whose levels have gone up (8%), remains low. The number of measurement points with an upward or downward trend (81%) remained stable for September. This indicates that the recharging period has not yet really begun. 

The groundwater situation on 1 October 2018 reflects the continuation of the low-water period and winter recharge which has not yet begun. This situation, linked to the rainfall deficit in September, is not very usual for this time of the year, during which there is generally more precipitation.