BRGM and the Keran group have signed a three-year framework agreement in order to strengthen and build cooperation over the long term.
3 September 2021

BRGM, the French geological survey body, and Keran, a specialist in planning and the environment, have identified four areas of potential cooperation: soil, groundwater, natural hazards, particularly in coastal areas, and post-mining.

Signed on 31 August by Michèle Rousseau, Chair and Managing Director of BRGM, and Yves Gillet, Chair of the Keran group, the framework agreement provides for regular meetings of a strategic steering committee that will identify potential synergies. Building on their complementary expertise, the two entities could jointly undertake projects, develop new products and concepts, or collaborate on international opportunities.

The partnership has been signed for a period of three years and may be renewed in the future.