AFD Group and BRGM signed a partnership agreement on 26 October 2022 to expedite the provision of BRGM's expertise in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.
27 October 2022
Réunis à Paris au siège du groupe AFD le 26 octobre 2022, Michèle Rousseau, présidente directrice générale du BRGM (au centre), Bertrand Walckenaer, directeur général adjoint du groupe AFD (à droite) et Jérémie Pellet, directeur général d’Expertise France (à gauche), ont signé un accord de partenariat pour faciliter la mobilisation de l’expertise du BRGM en faveur des Objectifs de développement durable.

Meeting in Paris at AFD Group headquarters on 26 October 2022, Michèle Rousseau, Chair and CEO of BRGM (centre), Bertrand Walckenaer, Deputy CEO of AFD Group (on the right) and Jérémie Pellet, CEO of Expertise France (on the left), signed a partnership agreement to facilitate the provision of BRGM's expertise to further the Sustainable Development Goals.


In the current climate and geopolitical context with the need to secure water and mineral supplies, the aim of the partnership is to facilitate the increased mobilization of French expertise to better address these challenges in the countries and regions in which AFD Group operates.

Geoscience for a Sustainable Earth

BRGM, the French Geological Survey, is an internationally renowned French institution. Thanks to its expertise in the various themes of Earth sciences for managing ground and subsurface resources and risks, this public institution is a key player in assisting countries in the South with their water, natural hazard and mining management problems.

It has deployed its expertise recently in partnership with AFD in Namibia, South Africa and Mauritius. New interventions are being considered for government authorities in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic, Jordan and also Uzbekistan. In view of the current challenges, the requests from Southern countries mainly concern groundwater management and the prevention and mitigation of coastal risks.

This institutional partnership, by enriching the mutual knowledge of the Parties, should make it easier to mobilise BRGM's expertise in support of AFD's mandate in favour of the Sustainable Development Goals. It should thus improve the help we provide to some of our partner countries in facing their immense challenges to ensure access to water while also facilitating the energy transition for France concerning the supply of strategic metals, which is proving to be a crucial issue for our country.

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AFD Group helps implement France's development and international solidarity policy. Consisting of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), in charge of public sector and NGO financing, research and training on sustainable development, its subsidiary Proparco, dedicated to private sector financing, and soon Expertise France, a technical cooperation agency, the group finances, supports and accelerates transitions towards a more just and resilient world.

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