The German and French National Geological Survey Organisations BGR and BRGM signed a new bilateral cooperation agreement.
24 March 2023

On March 21st, 2023 in Dublin Ireland, BGR President Ralph Watzel and BRGM Deputy CEO Christophe Poinssot signed a new agreement, during the 54th General Meeting of EuroGeoSurveys, the association of 37 European geological surveys organisations.
This agreement covers the various fields of activities of both surveys and aims to strengthen the partnership both in the field of research and expertise to support the policy-building process in both countries.

The Uyuni salt flat, Bolivia

The cooperation between Germany and France is a key element of cooperation in the community of European Geological Survey Organisations. We want to accelerate the cooperation within this community. This is crucial for coping with current global geopolitical challenges.

Ralph Watzel, President of BGR

Improving BGR and BRGM partnership in the field of Critical Raw Materials

BGR and BRGM will more specifically improve their partnership in the field of Critical Raw Materials in the context of the Critical Raw Materials Act and increase the exchange of data and expertise between the German Mineral Resources Agency DERA and the French Observatory of Mineral Resources OFREMI.

More generally, they will aim to enhance the overall knowledge on basement geology in order to support the identification and sustainable management of natural and strategic resources for the low-carbon energy transition and the mitigation of climate change.

They will promote the enhancement of safety, security and wellbeing for citizens as well as enabling the digital transition. They will share their respective experience for supporting open science and strengthening the link between science and politics, both on the national as well as on the pan-European level of the EU.

Rough copper ores.

While the need for accelerating the energy transition is becoming more evident, subsurface will have to play a significant role by providing Critical Raw Materials for the various low-carbon technologies, water resources for health and agriculture, and geothermal energy mainly for heating or cooling. Combining skills and knowledge both at the European scale thanks to EuroGeoSurveys, but also under bilateral cooperation is therefore key to accelerate the responsible and sustainable use of the subsurface asset. Considering the key role of France and Germany on the European scene, strengthening our partnership will likely contribute to the successful implementation of the net-zero trajectory of Europe.

Christophe Poinssot, Deputy CEO of BRGM

About BGR

As the German Centre of Excellence for geoscience BGR advises and informs the Federal Government on all issues relating to geosciences and natural resources. The activities of BGR are guided by the principles of sustainability, responsibility and security. It supports decision-making processes in politics and society. The tasks of BGR include the topics of raw materials, groundwater, soil, final disposal of radioactive waste, subsurface use, nuclear test ban, geo-hazard assessment and geoscientific data. BGR is one of the implementing organisations of German development cooperation.

About EuroGeoSurveys

EuroGeoSurveys coordinates the network of The Geological Surveys of Europe, jointly addressing European issues in the field of geoscience and collaborating on projects that directly inform EU, local and national policy, for the benefit of all European citizens. While it was presided during the last two years by Prof. Dr. Ralph Watzel, EuroGeoSurveys is currently presided by Dr. Christophe Poinssot.

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