BRGM is publishing, in collaboration with Omniscience, a new geological guidebook dedicated to the Lozère département in Occitanie.
11 April 2018
Cover of the guidebook

Cover of the guidebook.


The  area of the Lozère département is a particularly interesting geological crossroad. It is here that the great limestone plateaus of the Causses, the imposing granite massifs of Mont Lozère and Mont Aigoual and the schistose Cévennes valleys intersect.

These different types of landscapes have led to very contrasting human settlement patterns that are reflected in the dwellings, agricultural practices and even culture of the local population. Every year, the natural sites of Lozère attract many people wishing to visit caves (Dargilan, Aven Armand, Abîme de Bramabiau, etc.), dolomite boulder fields (Nîmes-le-Vieux and Montpellier-le-Vieux) and waterfalls (Déroc, Rhûnes, etc.). They were all formed in particular geological contexts.

The book suggests 11 itineraries that allow walkers to understand the landscapes as they cross through contrasting regional environments: The Corniche des Cévennes, Aubrac, Margeride, Gévaudan... To complete the visit, the book includes 14 fact sheets on the regional specificities: the volcanic activity of the Causses (limestone plateaux), the vultures, heritage buildings, the outlier hills, the dinosaur footprints and hot springs.

Technical characteristics

240 colour pages - More than 400 photos, maps and diagrams. IGN maps at a scale of 1:25,000 for each route.

Special "backpack" format: 13 x 21 cm - Price: €24.90 Incl. VAT

The Geological guidebooks collection

The collection, which already comprises 18 titles, introduces a wide public to the geology of French regions in the form of about twenty itineraries selected for their educational interest. These discovery trails are accompanied by a brief history and double-page spreads on flora, fauna, architecture and culture.