In early April, the water tables had satisfactory levels overall, with 83% of the reservoirs showing values equal to or higher than normal. The situation is particularly encouraging in the southern part of the country, which benefited from higher than usual rainfall.
16 April 2015
Cover of the press kit

Cover of the press kit.


Nevertheless, the winter weather was less exceptional overall than in the previous two years. The groundwater situation varied from region to region, with it being more critical in eastern France.

Climate change and groundwater

Since its creation in 1959, BRGM has undertaken a public service mission for the French Government to provide a quantitative and qualitative assessment of groundwater resources. It also provides its technical and scientific expertise to organisations responsible for water management (water agencies, utilities and local authorities), to whom it proposes innovative solutions as part of this assessment mission.

It is continuing its research, in particular to gain a better understanding of the impact of climate change on groundwater.

Winter groundwater recharge in 2014-2015