Early April 2014, water tables were at very satisfactory levels for almost all of France. This was an exceptional situation as the previous year, 87% of the groundwater reservoirs showed values equal to or higher than normal, confirming the extremely favourable conditions observed since the beginning of 2014.
17 April 2014
Cover of the press kit

Cover of the press kit.


The water tables benefited from a late autumn 2013 and a winter 2014 with heavy rainfall, with excess precipitation of more than 25% over a large part of the country and up to 50% in Brittany, Côte d'Azur and Isère.

Early April 2014, 33% of the groundwater monitoring points showed that levels had risen and 26% remained stable.

Geoscience for the preservation of groundwater resources

Since its creation in 1959, BRGM has been working for the French State to ensure a public service mission providing quantitative and qualitative assessment of groundwater. It also provides its technical and scientific expertise to organisations responsible for water management (water agencies, utilities and local authorities), to whom it proposes innovative solutions in this assessment mission.

BRGM's expertise in earth sciences is now internationally recognised. This is based on dynamic research and a strong partnership culture.

Winter recharge in 2013-2014