Just a few metres below the surface lies a sustainable and continuous energy source, found in all subsurfaces and all climates, and capable of both heating and cooling with a single system: surface geothermal energy.
12 July 2019
Cover of the press kit

Cover of the press kit.


Although geothermal energy has great potential, it is still relatively underdeveloped. In 2016, the share of geothermal energy in renewable primary energy consumption for heat production was only 1.7%.

This is why BRGM, the French geological survey, is taking action to support and promote the development of this sustainable energy source. Since 2008, BRGM's geothermal energy division has an experimental facility that is the only one of its kind in France. Over the past 10 years, the Orléans laboratory site has fostered innovation in this sector through pioneering projects in partnership with companies and local authorities.

As an undisputed specialist in surface and subsurface studies and key consultant for public authorities, BRGM is helping to structure the geothermal sector in France and raise the profile of this renewable energy source.

Surface geothermal energy, sustainable energy beneath our feet

BRGM's geothermal platform uses heat exchangers located in the near-subsurface, i.e. at a depth not exceeding 200 metres. This is known as surface geothermal energy.

The BRGM geothermal platform: a technological showcase

The geothermal platform is celebrating its 10th anniversary at the Orleans site. This provides an opportunity to look back on a decade of innovation, testing and cooperation in partnership with industry and local authorities, and to inaugurate a new technological facility: the "Thermodynamic Machinery" chalet.

BRGM's role in energy transition

By developing cutting-edge research, BRGM supports the energy transition and facilitates the shift from a system based on fossil fuels to the use of renewable energy resources.

Geothermal platform