BRGM develops scientific tools to support local authorities in the sustainable development of urban areas. They are used in a variety of areas, including waste recovery, supply of construction materials, clean energy, water resources, and management of polluted soils and sites.
28 November 2016
Cover of the press kit

Cover of the press kit.


Gaining a better understanding of past industrial activities, the example of the Greater Lyon area

On this last topic, the historical inventory of former industrial sites and small-scale workshops, which was finalised this year for the 59 communes of Greater Lyon, is a good example of the level of knowledge needed for land management in such a metropolis. Nearly 27,000 archival records were examined by BRGM for an exhaustive census at the cadastral plot level. But this type of tool is just the first step in the process of reclaiming potentially degraded urban areas, which requires early management of the corresponding risks.

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Wasteland: understanding the past to be able to plan for the future

The sites and ground formerly used for industrial or small-scale activities are land reserves of prime importance. It is essential to understand and manage the health and environmental risks associated with their use in development projects. BRGM is developing a set of tools to help public authorities and developers plan the management of these potentially polluted areas.

An innovative concrete recycling process

By using selective fragmentation processes that release the concrete's different constituents (aggregates and hydrated cement paste), BRGM and its partners have developed a very promising approach to recycling construction waste, which is produced in France at a rate of 48 million tonnes each year.

Tracking micropollutants

As potential factors that degrade water resources and lead to health hazards, many "emerging" micropollutants remain poorly understood. BRGM develops innovative processes to identify and characterise them.

A platform for the development of innovative solutions

Set up in 2008 with support from the Centre Region and the EU, BRGM's geothermal platform is designed to develop innovative tools and methodologies and is the only one of its kind in France. One of its objectives is to provide heat-pump-assisted very low-enthalpy geothermal energy to meet heating needs in buildings.

Three new testing platforms

BRGM will soon have three new platforms for innovation, development and technological optimisation. These will enable it to strengthen its partnerships with economic stakeholders in the environment, the circular economy and energy transition.

Geoscience and sustainable cities