On 21 June 2021, BRGM signed a partnership agreement with Materrup, a company specialising in innovative construction materials. The aim is to create a value chain for excavated earth.
22 June 2021

Nearly 130 million tonnes of earth from infrastructure and development work sites can be recovered each year in France. On 21 June 2021, BRGM and Materrup signed a partnership agreement based on the common denominator of excavated earth.

The objective is to create a value chain for using this earth in construction materials with high added value and a very low carbon footprint, in a circular economy approach, for supplying the construction and waste industries.

Complementary skills for the creation of a value chain for excavated earth

BRGM, the French Geological Survey is a leading public authority on earth science applications and has expertise in recovery and exploitation of excavated earth.

Matterup has an innovative business in the field of building materials. In particular, it has patented technology for transforming clay and excavated earth into low-carbon concrete.

Within the framework of this new agreement, BRGM and Materrup will use their complementary skills to collaborate on several themes:

  • clay analyses, site/worksite diagnostics, characterisation of supplies of material or earth;
  • the recovery and exploitation of soil (especially from polluted and unpolluted earth);
  • characterisation of the materials developed (characteristics, durability, constituent materials);
  • mapping of excavated ground;
  • digital tools (for mapping potential of earth, and the traceability of materials);
  • certification/standardisation aspects (land management, materials certification).