The 20th anniversary ceremony of GIP GEODERIS, of which BRGM is a member alongside INERIS and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, took place in Metz on 21 March 2023.
23 March 2023

The GEODERIS public interest group (GIP) is made up of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, BRGM and INERIS. It provides the government (central administrations and decentralised authorities) with assistance and expertise in post-mining measures.

A public interest group to coordinate the post-mining activities of BRGM and INERIS

GEODERIS was created following the events that occurred in the iron ore mines of Lorraine at the end of the 1990s, in particular in the municipality of Auboué (Moselle) where the structural damage to certain houses revealed the risks that remain after underground mining operations.

In September 2001, BRGM and INERIS thus decided to structure their post-mining activities in the form of a public interest group called GIP GEODERIS.

GEODERIS, mining hazards consultant

GEODERIS intervenes:

  • as a consultant on mining hazards (ground movements, flooding due to rising groundwater related to mining reservoirs, gas, etc.),
  • to make inventories of the environmental status of post-mining environments,
  • to make hazard data bases.

The 20th anniversary ceremony, which took place at the Centre des Congrès Robert Schumann in Metz in the presence of elected officials and government representatives as well as GEODERIS staff, was an opportunity to recall the progress made and the work accomplished, particularly the inventory and mapping of mining hazards. During the ceremony, Mr. Rafik Hadadou, who has been called to new duties at INERIS, handed over his role as Director to Mr. Pascal Bigarré, who will now manage the GIP.