In line with its commitments under the French Open Science plan, the BRGM now offers free access to the BSS subsoils databank via the InfoTerre portal.
2 August 2019
Extract from the BSS via InfoTerre

Extract from the BSS via InfoTerre. 


All data on underground workings in France (borehole drilling, core samples, wells and springs) are compiled for database archiving in the BSS subsoils databank, which is organised and managed by the BRGM.

The BRGM offers free, open access to the BSS in line with its new policy on open data and open knowledge, which is evolving with new regulatory requirements concerning public access to data and its distribution and reuse in France and Europe. As the French geological survey, the BRGM is committed in particular to the national Open Science plan.

Over 800 000 underground workings described

The BSS indexes data sheets for more than 800 000 underground workings, with links to over 2 million pages of technical documentation. The raw geological and technical information it contains on each drilling operation includes its location, objective, geological description and the technical equipment used. The publicly available information provided in BSS documents is communicated by third parties in compliance with the provisions set out in the French Mining Code (Art. 131 to 136).